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Solo Exhibition, Souls & Words. - o2o (Location TBD). 2023

Stafford open exhibition, shire hall, 2013. 

Loughborough sock gallery open exhibition, (My little eye) 2014. 

Loughborough “don’t look now exhibition” (Turn my water into wine) 2015. 

Loughborough Final degree show 2016. 

(MASS) Free Range Exhibition, Brick Lane, London 2016. 

Blair Zaye presents “EXPOSED” Ben Oakley Gallery, London 2016. 

Loughborough sock gallery open exhibition, (The Della) 2017. 

Refection's of Reality, Birmingham Digbeth, 2017. 

Sculpture “The one they call Jim”. Featured (Bye Bye Bye, Baby). Magazine, 2018. 

Vol 4, Exhibition Nantes France, 2018. 

Pebeo Art Competition, London, England, 2018. 

Pebeo Mixed Media International Competition, London, England, 2019. 

Jennifer Lauren Gallery Online Exhibition “Kindred Spirits” Manchester, England, 2021. 

Stranger Things Among Us, Summer Exhibition, The College of Psychic Studies, 2021. 

Spirituality exhibition, TebbsGallery, 15th Feb / 14th March 2022.

London College of Psychic Studies (Creative Spirits Exhibit) Oct 13th -10th Dec, 2022.


Shortlisted into the final of, LSA Student Award 2016.

London College of Psychic Studies, Lock-down competition finalist. Judges' choice, 2020. 

Madge Gill Compilation Proposal, finalist, 2020.

Center 424, Spirituality Serbia Residency 2022, Highly commended.

London College of Psychic Studies, competition shortlist, 2021.


Automatism in action at The College of Psychic Studies, November 2022.

Automatism & Trance drawing at The College of Psychic Studies, June 2023.


Artwork published in Vol 4, Based in France looking at the works and drawing techniques of a range of contemporary artists, Spring 2018. 

Magazine Article (CRAFT Online Magazine), Agatha Kempf 2021. 

Magazine Article, September 2021, issue of Soul & Spirit. UK, USA, AUS, CAN. 

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